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Company Regulations


1. Before placing an order, the Customer may submit an Inquiry regarding the product to the e-mail address:

“Świat Bombki” does not accept telephone inquiries about products.

2.After sending the inquiry, “Świat Bombki” will prepare a non-binding quotation of the Inquiry, including transport costs, within 24 hours, specifying the period of validity of this quotation.

3. During the period of validity of the valuation, the customer is obliged to make a decision, after this time the valuation will be outdated and the prices given in it may change.

4. After accepting the valuation, the customer has the right to order the “Świat Bombki” company to make a non-committal and free project of a bauble / baubles. The project may contain the client’s logo, text and graphics.

“Świat Bombki” reserves the right to provide photos of the finished product on its own website as an example of implementation.

5.The company “Świat Bombki” will complete the project within 48 hours.

“Świat Bombki” reserves the right to extend the given deadline in the event of a very large number of inquiries sent.

6.After accepting the design and preliminary valuations, the Customer must place an official Order.

7. If the project did not meet the client’s expectations, the client has the option of resignation without incurring any costs.


1. The Customer places an Order via e-mail. “Świat Bombki” does not accept telephone orders.

2.Placing an Order is tantamount to acceptance of the valuation and acceptance of the graphic design of the bauble, if it was made before placing the order. “Świat Bombki” informs that the graphic design is made for the purpose of illustrative presentation of the product. The print on the bauble may differ slightly from the graphic design, as it depends on the individual monitor settings.

3. The customer can make a sample of his order to see what the product actually looks like. The costs of the Trial Order are determined individually. After receiving a sample of the Order, the Customer may make corrections in the form of changing the shape or color of the print.

4.The Customer is solely responsible for the correct and unambiguous specification of the subject of the Order. In the case of ambiguous content of the Order, “Świat Bombki” is not responsible for the execution of the Order contrary to the Customer’s intention, but in a manner consistent with the content of the Order. The company “Świat Bombki” makes baubles and prints on baubles in Pantone colors at the customer’s request.

5. Placing an Order in “Świat Bombki” is tantamount to accepting the Regulations of “Świat Bombki”.

6.The Customer acknowledges that he purchases the Goods according to the Goods Model, which he could get acquainted with before placing the Order.

7.The completion date is set each time. “Świat Bombki” informs that the completion date is usually this 7-30 days from project approval and advance payment (the last of these dates counts).

8. In the event of resignation from an already completed Order, the Customer will not receive a refund, because the products are made for individual Orders. Only the cost of transport may be canceled in the event of refusal to send the Order to the Customer. “Świat Bombki” informs that at each stage of production, the customer has the right to ask for a photo documenting the current stage of production.

1. The customer can pick up the goods in person after prior arrangement of the pick-up date.

2.The goods can be sent via our courier companies or via the customer’s courier company. However, “Świat Bombki” is not responsible for the quality of the delivery service outside our courier companies and in the event of damage to the goods, the Customer loses the possibility to complain about the Order.

Regardless of the choice of the courier company, “Świat Bombki” undertakes to carefully and adequately secure the goods during transport.

3.Goods issued or sent to the Customer are not subject to return or exchange, except for the cases specified in the “Complaints” section

4. If the Customer fails to collect the shipment with the goods, which will result in returning the goods to the sender “Świat Bombki”, the Customer will be charged with the costs of return transport and the costs of transporting a new shipment of goods. At the same time, the risk of accidental loss and damage to the Goods passes to the Customer at the moment when, in accordance with the contract, the Customer was to collect the goods.

If the customer does not pick up the goods in person at the agreed time

“Świat Bombki” – if possible – can store the goods at the customer’s expense in the amount of 1% of the order value for each day of delay.

The customer undertakes to pay the contractual penalty within 7 days from the date of the request for payment.


1. Each order is valued on the basis of the price list, which will be provided to the customer after prior verification. “Świat Bombki” reserves the right to update the price list during the year.

2.The valuation of an order that is not included in the price list will be prepared individually. Each quote has an individual validity period, after which the quote may change.

3.Each quote also includes current transport prices, which are also subject to change.


1. Payment can be made in two ways:

a) After placing the order, and before its implementation, “Świat Bombki” will issue an invoice for 100% of the order value


b) Payments will be made in two tranches. After placing the order, an advance invoice will be issued, which covers 30-50% of the order value and is the basis for starting the order.

After completing the order, but before its shipment, a final invoice will be issued.

After the payment is credited to the account, the goods will be sent.

2. The company “Świat Bombki” does not proceed to the execution of the order without an advance payment

and does not ship goods without final payment.

3.The company “Świat Bombki” does not carry out cash on delivery shipments.

4.The Customer agrees that “Świat Bombki” sends invoices in electronic form to the Customer’s e-mail address.



1. The “Świat Bombki” company undertakes to carefully secure each shipment.

After receiving the goods, the customer has the right to check the goods and determine whether they are damaged.

In the event of damage to the shipment/package, the Customer undertakes to draw up a damage report in the presence of the courier, which will be the basis for a complaint about the order. The customer undertakes to send to the e-mail address photos documenting the fact of damage. Photos will be attached to the submitted complaint.

2. Only goods classified as damaged or inconsistent with the Order are subject to a complaint.

3. Defects of a part of the delivered Goods do not entitle to a complaint of the entire ordered Goods.

4. The Customer is obliged to check the ordered Goods and submit a complaint immediately after receiving it, but not later than within 5 working days.

5. In the event that it sends from itself to the end customer, the company “Świat Bombki” is not responsible for any damage and does not accept complaints in this regard.

6. “Świat Bombki” goods are made to individual order and, in accordance with the law, are not subject to complaint in cases other than damage. The exception is a glaring difference between the approved design and the final product, which may be, for example, the lack of part of the print or the print in a shape different from the design. The difference in the color of the print between the project and the final product is not subject to complaint. This difference may be due to individual monitor settings. To be sure about the color of the print, the customer can order a sample of the product with his own custom print or ask for free samples with sample projects “Świat Baubki”.

7. The Goods under complaint should be returned by the Customer at his own expense and only after prior agreement with the “Świat Bombki” company on the basis of the complaint.

After receiving the advertised part of the order or the entire order, the “Świat Bombki” company will verify the grounds for the complaint. If the basis for the complaint is accepted, the “Świat Bombki” company will return the amount due for the advertised goods and in special cases will also return the transport costs or, at the customer’s request and after prior agreement with the customer, “Świat Bombki” will make a new product and send it back as part of the complaint without incurring any loss by the customer.

If the complaint is unjustified, the company “Świat Bombki” will not recognize it and will not pay the amount due for the complaint, and the claimed goods will be disposed of.

8. After the expiry of the period of 5 working days from the date of receipt of the shipment, the Customer’s rights under the complaint expire.

9. The reply from “Świat Bombki” along with confirmation of receipt of the complaint will be provided within 3 working days from the date of its receipt.

10. The complaint will not be considered when:

a) The complaint concerns goods without quality defects

b) has been notified after the expiry of the time limits set out in point 4;

c) the customer has not familiarized himself with the product model / sample of the product and submits a complaint due to the non-compliance of his expectations with the actual state of the product; this also applies to situations where goods without defects do not meet the Customer’s expectations, of which the Customer did not inform “Świat Bombki” when placing the Order (in particular, this applies to the color of the print)

d) The customer has damaged the goods himself or through third parties

e) The Goods slightly differ in color, color of the print, packaging or other features from other lots of the Goods, and these features do not affect the quality or usability of the Goods

f) the marking was made in accordance with the design approved by the client;

g) the complaint concerns the minimum color differences of the marking within a given Order resulting from the marking technique such as printing, laser engraving or concerns differences resulting from the specificity of the material, i.e. different colors of baubles.

11. If the “Świat Bombki” complaint is accepted:

a) will perform a new order at its own expense,

b) if the implementation of a new order would be impossible (including unprofitable) or the time of its implementation would not be appropriate for the customer, “Świat Bombki” will return the value of the advertised goods to the customer

c) with the consent of the Customer, it may also reduce the price of the advertised goods, while the Customer retains the goods and will not make any further complaints.

d) may also agree with the Customer other methods of settling the complaint, not listed above.

12. Filing a complaint does not interrupt or suspend the payment deadline for the goods.

13. “Świat Bombki” sends the advertised goods at its own expense via a courier company


in accordance with Art. 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and in the procedure of the free movement of such data (“RODO“), provide information on the scope and principles of data processing personal:

1. The Administrator oPersonal Data (AoPD) is “Świat Bombki” based in Poland, NIP 517 016 33 53, having a website

2. “Świat Bombki” processes personal data for the following purposes:

– in order to prepare, conclude and perform a sales contract or offer

– for the purpose of lawfully storing invoices and other accounting documents related to the sale or purchase

– to the extent necessary to fulfill legally justified purposes pursued by AoPD or data recipients, in particular for the purpose of providing information about AoPD own products or services, pursuing claims for business activity

– in order to answer the questions asked

 3. The recipients of personal data will be, to the extent necessary, persons authorized by AoDP to process personal data and entities processing personal data on behalf of AoDP on the basis of a concluded agreement obliging to maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures in the field of personal data protection, in particular they will be entities providing AoDP with services IT, HR, accounting, debt collection, marketing, transport and auditing as well as postal operators. To the extent necessary, we may transfer your personal data to other entities (data recipients) that provide IT and debt collection services for us. In exceptional situations, personal data may be transferred to authorized public authorities on the basis of and within the limits of the law.

4. Personal data will be processed for the time necessary to achieve the purposes of providing personal data and performing the contract, and also for the time necessary for after-sales service (e.g. handling complaints), pursuing claims and for the time necessary to fulfill AoDP obligations under the law (in particular tax and accounting). In particular, in the case of purchases, personal data will be stored for the period needed to complete and settle the sales process, extended by the period of limitation of claims (in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code) and tax settlement (i.e. a period of 5 full calendar years from the end of the calendar year in which the tax obligation has expired, in accordance with the Act of 11 March 2004 on tax on goods and services and the Act of 29 August 1997 Tax Ordinance). In the event of debt collection, personal data will be processed until the end of the investigation or defense against claims in accordance with the Civil Code and the Code of Civil Procedure. Personal data provided on the basis of a separate consent will be processed until its withdrawal.

5. The customer has the right to:

− request AoDP to access their personal data, rectify, delete or limit processing, object to the processing of such data and transfer data under the conditions resulting from the law and agreed with the data controller,

− withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data (withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal),

− lodging a complaint to the supervisory body, which in Poland is the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection,

− impact on the scope of processed data (including in particular through human contact with AoDP and expressing one’s own position).

6. AoDP informs that the processing of personal data, the implementation of the rights and obligations of the subscriber and AoDP described above takes place in accordance with the provisions of the RODO and the provisions of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data.