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Baubles With Logo

Exclusive engraved Christmas baubles with logo

No matter if you want the engraved Christmas decorative ball for your business or if you want a custom look. We have got you covered in every way.
We are offering you the best and most innovative variety of engraving methods on beautiful glass Christmas balls! Select your color and style to maximize the vibe featuring festive graphic logos.
The patent methods for engraving the logo are wonderful in the final results. We have selected color tones and detailed logos.
You can gift these personalized logo-engraved balls to your friends and family!

Printed Christmas baubles ornaments

Small and big decorative Christmas baubles look even more appealing with our printed logos on them at baubles. You can pick the printed balls for Christmas with decent designs and motifs.
We use an innovative process for mapping out the colorful prints a logo on the decorations. You can order your favorite logo to print on the Christmas baubles and we will print it for you!
For shops and commercial places, the pretty details with decorated Christmas ornaments look great and alluring.

Baubles With Logo

Metal ball stand

The solid and durable metal-made balls sand for Christmas are powder-coated in silver color. For metal ball stands, we are offering the variety in a rack, and a hook on the baubles of diameters: 8 cm, 10 cm, 12 cm.

Packages for Christmas baubles ornaments

Baubbles Ornaments

The small and handy brightly colored spherical decorations for Christmas surely look more elevated and fun when you choose our special Xmas baubles ornaments. We have a flexible range in the decorative ornament and you can also pick up and select a box for a single bauble 60mm, 80 mm, 100 mm and packages containing 6 pieces of glass baubles. You can also purchase a package with a glass bauble and you will pack it with cellophane with an appealing tied bow as a gift in whatever color you choose.

Baubles with logo foil